Profitable Scalping: New Funded Trader, Darya (Omsk, Russia)

Posted by TopstepTrader on August 21, 2017

Trading Lessons from Darya's Success:

One trade is all it takes:
Unlike Graham's 47 days, it took Darya just 16 days to meet her Funded Trader Preparation profit target of $1,500. On 14 of those days, she placed just one trade, with an average winning trade size of $109.25. Being so controlled, she was able to make winning trades nearly 79% of the time.

Control the size of losers:
Risk is often a common theme in our funded trader blog posts, but Darya took that to a whole different level. Her average losing trade was just $25.52, less than a quarter the size of her average winner. Her largest losing trade was just $42.36. She immediately cut losers when they didn’t work out. Her average duration for a losing trade was just 3 seconds (that’s less time than it took you to read this sentence).

Vary contract size with confidence:
Darya was comfortable trading four contracts, but would frequently cut that size in half - presumably based on her confidence in the trade. While it makes sense for some traders to always default to X contracts, for Darya, varying contract size worked well.

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Patient Profits: New Funded Trader, Graham (Lafayette, Louisiana)

Posted by TopstepTrader on August 18, 2017

Trading Lessons from Graham's Success:

Patient profits:
It took Graham 47 trading days to pass Funded Trader Preparation, during which he battled back from a negative $1,388.40 balance - within $600 of his max drawdown - to make $3,311.83 in total profits. Graham knew that there’s no reason to force the market to give you profits. He took his time, stuck by his rules and successfully made it to the destination.

Dealing with commissions and fees is a challenge:
Graham was consistent in his trading size - always two contracts. But he was in and out of the market much more than many of our other funded traders. He paid an average of $72 in fees and commissions each day while trading nearly 40 contracts. His net daily P&L during Funded Trader Preparation was $70.46 after commissions. Put another way, of all the profits he made from the market, more than half was eaten away by commissions and fees.

You can be profitable with a sub-50% winning trade percentage:
Graham was only profitable on 41.36% of his trades, but he was profitable on 49% of days. With an average winning day of $380.55 and an average losing day of $226.70, he stayed on the right side of the ledger.

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Killing Crude: New Funded Trader, John (Winona Lake, Indiana)

Posted by TopstepTrader on August 16, 2017

Trading Lessons from John's Success:

Ride a hot streak:
John has kicked off his Funded Account, just 10 days in, by racking up $3,473 in profits, an average of nearly $347 per day. Though he’s profitable just 59% of the days, his average winning day is crushing his average losing day: $839.84 compared to losses of $391.40.

Have a goal that's larger than the money: John said that a motivating factor behind his learning futures is that he wants to learn to trade full-time - a move that would allow him to spend more time with his family. He understands that trading is a marathon, not a sprint and consistency is key.

Don't try to be right 100% of the time: John eventually wants to be right on 60% or more of his trades, providing a realistic target for him to hit. Futures traders that think they can be right on every trade are setting themselves up for failure.

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Don’t Over-Trade: New Funded Trader, Matt (Fair Haven, NJ)

Posted by TopstepTrader on August 14, 2017

Trading Lessons from Matt's Success:

Don't over-trade: Matt went on an incredible streak during his Funded Trader Preparation - putting up an 11-day consecutive win streak that only saw him make one losing trade. Yet despite being on a hot streak, Matt just entered two or three trades each day, making sure to pick his points carefully.

Stick to your strategy: Matt’s strategy - as he outlined it - is to make $200 to $300 every day by taking incremental profits instead of “swinging for the fences.” During his $50,000 Trading Combine, Matt controlled his losses, averaging a drawdown of just $161.33 for each losing trade.

One and two-lot positions are enough: Over the last few funded trader posts, the idea that controlling risk is paramount has risen to the forefront. Alongside that theme is the idea that you don’t have to trade big size to make a big impact in your P&L. Matt demonstrated that, racking up consistent gains with just one and two-lot positions.

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July Trader Highlights - Success in the Heat of Summer

Posted by TopstepTrader on August 11, 2017


Summer trading is a unique challenge. Opportunities can be brief. But in July, our funded traders showed a remarkable willingness to choose their spots and make the most out of a tough market. Here’s a small sample:

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Tight Risk, High Reward: New Funded Trader, Nikita (Moscow, Russia)

Posted by TopstepTrader on August 11, 2017

Trading Lessons from Nikita’s Success:

  • Opportunities can come in any market: Unlike Vyacheslav, Nikita did not rely on any one market - preferring to trade everything from currencies to ags to the equity indices. That fit into his trading plan though, which looked at weekly and daily trends.
  • You can trade frequently, but you MUST be disciplined: Nikita was more active than many of our successful traders (with an average of four trades each day), but he always adhered to a low-risk approach and says that traders must own their own mistakes while trading.
  • Tight risk doesn't mean low reward: Though he adhered to tight risk controls, Nikita also put up four of days with gains above $600 each. That helped him pass his Funded Trader Preparation in 10 days, during which he never experienced a daily drawdown more than $225.

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Perfect One Market: New Funded Trader, Vyacheslav (Norilsk, Russia)

Posted by TopstepTrader on August 10, 2017

Trading Lessons from Vyacheslav's Success:

  • Perfect one market: Vyacheslav never wavered - he only traded Crude Oil and always traded two contracts at a time.
  • Carefully pick your spots: On Vyacheslav’s most successful days - two days where he made more than $1,000 each - he only entered one trade. He rode those two Crude Oil contracts for more than $0.50 each time.
  • Give your trades time to play out: Most day traders are in and out in a number of minutes - often prematurely booking profits and not giving a trade time to play out. However, Vyacheslav was confident in his trades and levels, keeping his average winning trade more than 3 hours and his average losing trade 1 hour, 20 minutes.

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Compound Winners: New Funded Trader, Yvonne (Fort Lee, NJ)

Posted by TopstepTrader on August 07, 2017

Trading Lessons from Yvonne's Success:

  • Have your own daily loss limit: Yvonne held her daily losses to less than $600 - when she could have lost 5x that amount under our trading rules. Keeping losses tight, she was able to ensure that she could trade for tomorrow.
  • Compound your winners: Yvonne knew when she was reading the market well and became more aggressive when she had accumulated the profits to do so. With tight risk controls, she was able to pyramid gains into a Funded Account.
  • You can be wrong most of the time and still profit: Yvonne had a winning trade percentage of 34.44%. However, with an average winning trade that was 4.4x her average losing trade, she didn’t have to be right constantly. In fact, on her best day, she was right on just 20% of her trades.

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Keeping Risk & Reward in Check: New Funded Trader, Walter (Riegel, Germany)

Posted by TopstepTrader on August 04, 2017

Trading Lessons from Walter’s Success:

  • Manage your risk / reward ratio: On his 30-year Bonds trades, Walter had a 4:1 realized risk / reward ratio. What made this even better was that nearly 82% of his Bonds trades were winning trades.
  • Know your style: Walter was in and out of markets quickly, with an average duration of trade around four or five minutes.
  • Stay well below allotted daily loss limits: While in Funded Trader Preparation, Walter never lost more than $428.40 in a single day, less than half of the $1,000 daily loss limit. On days he lost money, Walter’s average was just $124.69.

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Funded Trader: Mpo87 [Winnipeg, Canada]

Posted by TopstepTrader on July 20, 2017

Mpo87 has been trading for over 5 years and is primarily a futures trader. He trades the US day session and looks for high volatility when trading. He is looking to build up a large cushion in his Funded Account™ until he is able to make trading his primary income source.

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