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$75k Paid Out in One Week!

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Topstep Traders Are Crushing It

We’re seeing green! Riding the coattails of the largest volatility spike in years, our traders withdrew more than $75,000 from their Funded Accounts this week! Last month we processed a record $120,000 in withdrawals for our traders, and so far, it looks like April might blow that number out of the water.

We don’t see any signs of this trend stopping either, in fact, it’s just getting started. With the astronomical number of traders we’ve funded so far this year, we anticipate a whole lot more money is going to be flying around in the coming months.

Now is the time to get involved in the futures markets. Stocks are rebounding in an incredible show of strength and resilience. A lot of analysts are saying that the bottom is in, and we’re witnessing what could possibly be the greatest buying opportunity of the decade.

Moments like this don’t come around too often. The last chance you had to buy a 30% pullback in the S&P 500 was more than 10 years ago. Building wealth for your future means taking advantage of what's happening right now, and the best part is, with Topstep you don’t have to risk your own money!

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We’ve Got You Covered

Our job is to break down barriers so everyone, that means YOU, has a chance to profit from the financial markets in the safest way possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie, or if you’ve been trading your whole life, there’s a spot waiting for you at Topstep.

We’ll walk you through everything step-by-step; from picking the platform that suits your trading style, to utilizing our library of educational resources, to mindset coaching lessons. Everything you need to be successful as a futures trader is literally right at your fingertips. 


Posted by TopstepTrader on April 17, 2020
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