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Posted by TopstepTrader on May 05, 2020

Shohan A. Pulled $14K Out Of The FX Markets Last Week!

Born and raised in New York City, Shohan is no stranger to life in the fast lane. After spending 5 years in the Marine Corps, he stumbled on the FX markets while spending some time in Orange...

Posted by Fair Value Trader on March 05, 2020

The FX World Continues to Navigate the Dangerous Health Scare

My writings in recent weeks have reflected the Coronavirus wave. This is an unfortunate circumstance that continues to create global alarm. As traders, we must be prepared and positioned for both...

Posted by Fair Value Trader on February 21, 2020

Uncertainty Finally Breaks the Yen

Three weeks ago, I suggested that Asian currencies would likely allow opportunities to sell rallies, especially among the commodity pairs, which include the Australian dollar (AUD) and New Zealand...

Posted by Fair Value Trader on February 14, 2020

The Psychology of Reversal Trading - 8 Steps for Improvement - Part 2

Yesterday we looked at some of the challenges of counter-trend trading and the first four rules that you may use when trying to trade tops and bottoms. Today, we continue this series, beginning by...

Posted by Fair Value Trader on February 13, 2020

The Psychology of Reversal Trading - 8 Steps for Improvement - Part 1

In the zero-sum game of financial markets, smaller traders look for opportunities to level the playing field. There is a long time saying that every trader will hear numerous times during their...

Posted by Fair Value Trader on February 06, 2020

Three Australian Dollar (AUD) Technical Scenarios

Last week, we examined some ideas for trading the current Coronavirus scare while anticipating that a bounce in commodity currencies such as the Australian dollar (AUD) could allow traders to fade...

Posted by John D. on February 03, 2020

Health Scares Fuel Panic Selling

If you want to talk efficiency; China built a 645,000 square foot hospital in less than 10 days. The 1,000 bed facility specifically built to house Coronavirus patients opened its doors Monday....

Posted by Fair Value Trader on January 31, 2020

Methods for Navigating Asian Currencies During the Coronavirus Scare

For the past several weeks, the impeachment proceedings in the United States have garnered much attention. However, globally, now the impeachment trial is taking a backseat to the Coronavirus,...

Posted by John D. on January 30, 2020

Brexit Day Has Arrived

What does that mean? It means the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union.

The origins of the European Union (EU) date back to the end of World War II, when Western European countries were...