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Fair Value Trader

FairValue Trader started as an intern in the fixed income & derivatives department at Charles Schwab before working hedging operations for a precious metals company. Later he managed hedge positions for an agribusiness. He has also worked for MrTopStep and Hamzei Analytics while his writing has been read on Yahoo Finance, Benzinga, Barchart, and others.

Recent Posts

Posted by Fair Value Trader on November 29, 2020

How Pivotal are Pivots to You?

Since the dawn of widespread computer use and the internet over the last twenty years, there have been many providers of new trading indicators that have risen to prominence. Likewise, for each...

Posted by Fair Value Trader on November 19, 2020

What’s Left in November?

It’s hard to believe that it’s 2/3rds of the way through November now. It was just a short time ago that concerns over election volatility were heightened in the U.S. With the nation preparing...

Posted by Fair Value Trader on November 12, 2020

Listen to the Markets

As political, social, and economic stability remain in the United States and the ongoing and once again increasing global health pandemic, as traders, we continue to pay attention to these items...

Posted by Fair Value Trader on November 05, 2020

Election Day: What Went Wrong -and What Went Right For Traders

I have written about the elections in my last three articles, and by now, with all the media coverage, it might be that people are sick of engaging in election topics. However, given that this...

Posted by Fair Value Trader on October 29, 2020

The Trader’s Election Task List

It’s no secret that the political situation in the United States is as contentious as ever. Many people, with all ranges of political ideology, have been stressing out over the COVID19 pandemic,...

Posted by Fair Value Trader on October 22, 2020

Three Under The Radar States to Watch on Election Night

Since the year 2000, Florida and Ohio have come to the forefront of attention during the tighter presidential election cycles. Both of these states have sizable populations; therefore, the...

Posted by Fair Value Trader on October 15, 2020

Seasonal Preparation Is Key In Election Years

It is now less than three weeks from the elections in the United States. As much as this political cycle has piqued U.S. citizens’ interest, I have observed in various forums that the worldwide...

Posted by Fair Value Trader on October 08, 2020

Want to Know How This Year Might Close?

Then Look Back to the Open...

An instrument’s opening price can be an important marker for trend and direction. Furthermore, there are many timeframes whereby the opening mark can offer useful...

Posted by Fair Value Trader on October 01, 2020

How Monthly Timing Influences Market Trends

My writings often identify a trade, such as carpentry, as an illustration for trading. The carpenter will utilize several different nail sizes, depending on whether he is installing trim or...

Posted by Fair Value Trader on September 17, 2020

How to Use Seasonality in Your Favor

As traders, we are continually working to make sure we have all the most useful tools available in our box. Furthermore, to be effective, some tools must be periodically sharpened; in other words,...

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