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Fair Value Trader

FairValue Trader started as an intern in the fixed income & derivatives department at Charles Schwab before working hedging operations for a precious metals company. Later he managed hedge positions for an agribusiness. He has also worked for MrTopStep and Hamzei Analytics while his writing has been read on Yahoo Finance, Benzinga, Barchart, and others.

Recent Posts

Posted by Fair Value Trader on April 23, 2020

Watch Gold For Aussie Clues

Last week, we took a close look at currency/commodity correlations by making specific reference to the Japanese Yen and U.S. Treasury Notes, using one market’s technical health as an indication...

Posted by Fair Value Trader on April 16, 2020

Using Market Correlations To Identify Trend Reversals

Trading currency and futures markets are not supposed to be easy; otherwise, everyone would be doing it. No matter how time tested our particular trading systems are, our risk management qualities...

Posted by Fair Value Trader on April 09, 2020

Commodity Currencies Enjoy The Weak Dollar

Back in late January when the COVID19 crisis was just beginning to sprout legs, we looked at commodity performance during the 2003 SARS outbreak and concluded that this developing pandemic...

Posted by Fair Value Trader on April 05, 2020

Stay Motivated

Following last week’s record uptick of 3.3 million jobless claims, which was nearly five times the previous record, this week, the weekly jobless claims for the final full week of March came in at...

Posted by Fair Value Trader on March 26, 2020

Unemployment Numbers as Long Term Barometers

This morning the weekly jobless claims were released as usual at 8:30 am EST in the United States. This figure is a calculation of all who in the prior week filed initial jobless claims with their...

Posted by Fair Value Trader on March 20, 2020

Sun Tzu and Dead Cat Bounces

One of the things that happens to traders when they watch screens all day is that we are at times prone to losing long term perspective by watching short term price fluctuations. Depending on...

Posted by Fair Value Trader on March 12, 2020

Maintaining Self Control During Times of Panic

As headline risk escalates, it’s hard to talk about anything other than the Coronavirus, and it’s impossible to ignore the subject altogether. Following yesterday’s statement from the World Health...

Posted by Fair Value Trader on March 05, 2020

The FX World Continues to Navigate the Dangerous Health Scare

My writings in recent weeks have reflected the Coronavirus wave. This is an unfortunate circumstance that continues to create global alarm. As traders, we must be prepared and positioned for both...

Posted by Fair Value Trader on February 21, 2020

Uncertainty Finally Breaks the Yen

Three weeks ago, I suggested that Asian currencies would likely allow opportunities to sell rallies, especially among the commodity pairs, which include the Australian dollar (AUD) and New Zealand...

Posted by Fair Value Trader on February 14, 2020

The Psychology of Reversal Trading - 8 Steps for Improvement - Part 2

Yesterday we looked at some of the challenges of counter-trend trading and the first four rules that you may use when trying to trade tops and bottoms. Today, we continue this series, beginning by...