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Posted by TopstepTrader on October 13, 2019

Pros and Cons of Day Trading vs. Swing Trading

How long do you plan to hold your position? This is one the fundamental questions a trader needs to ask before diving into the markets. If you're a short-term trader, the temptation to cling to a...

Posted by TopstepTrader on August 08, 2019

10 Best Trading Books for Your Reading List

A lot has been written about trading, investing, and financial markets over the years. Some books are great, and many are, well, bad (really bad). Here’s a list of ten names that have stood the...

Posted by Alexander V. from Daytradingz.com on August 07, 2019

Daytradingz.com Founder Shares 5 Reasons the Trading Combine is Worth It

Have you decided to begin your journey toward becoming a profitable trader? You want to trade futures but are still looking for the best way to get started? Excellent!

Now you may be asking:...

Posted by TopstepTrader on August 07, 2019

Understanding Margin: the Rocket Fuel of Futures

The concept of margin is sometimes confusing for new futures traders because it is very different than the margin used for buying stocks, exchange-traded funds, or bonds. In the world of stock...

Posted by TopstepTrader on June 13, 2019

Keep Learning: 5 Ways to Stop Gifting Money to the Markets, Part 5

Rock star traders are made, not born. Nobody emerged from their mother’s womb and three years later started generating massive profits in the futures or forex market. It takes time – trading is a...

Posted by TopstepFX on May 29, 2019

3 Ways Our Funded Traders Profited from Brexit Chaos

To say that last week was a busy session for forex would certainly be an understatement.  The "will they, won't they" saga of Brexit continues to go nowhere—and consequently, the Pound Sterling...

Posted by TopstepTrader on May 14, 2019

Trump Tariffs, Leisurely Trade Negotiations Tank Equities (Again)

President Trump’s Twitter feed, which has become perhaps the best leading indicator for equities lately, sent a strong sell signal last Friday morning after the President suggested that, “there...

Posted by Mark Meadows, TopstepTrader on February 14, 2019

Why are the Best Trading Opportunities Scary?

Twice this week, I’ve been noticeably “scared” to enter a trade.

The first time was Monday, when I noticed an opportunity while watching the Market Forecast with TopstepTrader’s Senior Performance...

Posted by TopstepTrader on February 08, 2019

Equity Bull vs Bear Debate: The Weekly Review

There were some big moves in equity markets this week. The run higher that started right before the New Year finally hit a snag. And now the chart looks like it might be creating a lower high — at...

Posted by TopstepTrader on February 01, 2019

The Weekly Review: Powell Forces Bears into Hibernation

The Federal Reserve meeting proved to be the event of the week. By not only reiterating their cautious approach, but also walking back quantitative tightening, the Fed put a bid under markets....