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Posted by TopstepTrader on March 03, 2019

Huge Week Ahead for Forex Traders

We have a HUGE WEEK for markets ahead. Take a look at the economic events that are poised to move forex markets in the next five days:

  • Monday, 10:30 PM ET: Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Wednesday,...
Posted by TopstepTrader on February 03, 2019

Trading Legends: Keys to Building My Trading Fortune

Are you looking for the best, most concise trading advice that you can find. Then look no further — we have you covered on this Best of Limit Up! episode. Over the year since the Limit Up! podcast...

Posted by TopstepFX on January 15, 2019

Funded TopstepFX Trader Offers the Key to Getting Through Step 2 and Trading Smarter

Here at Topstep, we’re incredibly proud of our funded traders. They worked hard to make it through Step 2 of our process, proved they had the chops to make it trading actual money, and spend their...

Posted by TopstepFX on December 09, 2018

Funded Forex Trader: One Week In, $5,160 in Steady Profits

What can you do a week into your TopstepFX Funded Account®? If you’re Shawn B. in North Carolina, you can make $5,160 in profits and put your trading account in a really nice spot heading into the...

Posted by TopstepTrader on October 01, 2018

A Poker Champion on Making Better Decisions

You may know Annie Duke as the World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions winner in 2004. But you don't make more than $4.2 million in lifetime earnings on the professional poker circuit...

Posted by TopstepFX on September 17, 2018

From Trading Championships to Forex Funded Trader: Kelvin in Malaysia

Each year, the CME Group hosts a trading challenge for college and university students worldwide. More than 500 teams compete worldwide to see who can trade the CME’s futures products the best....

Posted by TopstepTrader on September 15, 2018

This is How Crazy the Market was in 2008

This is our second piece in a three-part series on the 2008 Financial Crisis. For the first piece, please see “10 Years Later: 4 Universal Trading Lessons from the Great Recession.”

Under normal...

Posted by TopstepTrader on September 14, 2018

$150+ Million Loss: Bond Legend Bill Gross Just Made This Amateur Trading Mistake

You think that trading legends don't make the same mistakes that you do? You'd be wrong. This year, Bill Gross cost his investors more than $150 million in losses — 8% of his $2 billion portfolio ...

Posted by TopstepFX on September 04, 2018

Improving Your Trading is About Learning: Interview with a Funded Trader

To trade well, you have to be focused on learning. Every experienced trader will tell you that — whether they are going through the Trading Combine, have earned a Funded Account®, or are one of...

Posted by TopstepFX on August 21, 2018

What I Learned in 11 Years of Forex Trading: New Funded Trader

What do you see when you look at a price chart? Tim P. in the United Kingdom, TopstepFX’s latest funded trader, says that he sees human emotions. At first, he wondered at the ticker symbols as the...

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