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70 Consecutive Months of 6-Figure Profits: Trading Legend Tony Saliba

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Most people are drawn to trading because of the opportunity to make a great income in a challenging field. When things are going right, trading feels like it's easy money. When things are going wrong, trading causes you to beat yourself up — over and over again.

This week, we continued our August conversations with trading legend Tony Saliba, a man who knows trading's ups and downs (and what it takes to overcome them) well. His trading career spans all the emotions: from nearly blowing up his trading account, to self doubt, to trading 1-lots, to a streak of 70 consecutive 6-figure months. 

To be successful trading, Tony Saliba (@ajsmarketwizard) learned:

  • What discipline really was; 
  • To focus his trading on making base hits;
  • Why every trader should define their goal for why they trade;
  • The importance of a trading mentor — and why you can't trade experience for IQ; and 
  • How to set baseline monetary goals in trading.

Give it a listen below. 

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Posted by TopstepTrader on August 23, 2018
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