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Posted by TopstepTrader on January 18, 2019

The Worst Trade Paul Tudor Jones Ever Made and How You Can Learn From It

As we progress along our trading journeys, it’s important to never stop growing and improving. Sometimes, the best way to do that is to take the time to learn from one of the greats. As part of an...

Posted by Mark Meadows, TopstepTrader on June 29, 2018

Watch this Now: Paul Tudor Jones at Goldman Sachs

Ever since watching Trader, a PBS documentary on Paul Tudor Jones that he famously hates, I've been fascinated by the legendary trader. I've read and re-read his chapter in Market Wizards a dozen...

Posted by TopstepTrader on September 05, 2017

7 Rules Legendary Trader Paul Tudor Jones Lives By

Paul Tudor Jones is one of the most aggressive and legendary futures traders of the modern era. His first money management fund, Tudor Futures Fund, went from managing $1 million at launch in 1984...