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Trader Behavior Performance Coaching Trading Basics

Mastering Stress, Anxiety and Trading - Trader Behavior

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Stress and anxiety are inevitable parts of trading. As traders, we're trying to predict the future. And by definition, the future is unknowable. But there's a difference between normal stress and axiety and debilitating levels of those emotions. Too often, we let that difference be our P&L. 

In this week's Trader Behavior segment, Senior Performance Coach John Hoagland and Chief Visionary Officer Michael Patak talk about ways they've learned to recognize and then overcome stress and anxiety in their trading. 

Tip for improvement: Get involved in a trading community (like TopstepChat). Being able to ask for advice, get objective help and realize that most other traders have struggled with your same issues go a long way toward relieving the stress and axiety you may feel. 

Check it out and leave any feedback in the comments. 

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Posted by TopstepTrader on January 13, 2018
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