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Posted by TopstepTrader on May 10, 2020

Weekend Kickoff Levels from John Hoagland 5/10/20

Every Friday afternoon, Topstep Performance Coach John Hoagland fires up his charts and identifies the trends and "areas of importance" futures traders should look out for in the coming week. Read...

Posted by TopstepTrader on May 06, 2020

Topstep Paid Out $240K In April! - The Coach’s Playbook

Topstep traders are doing an incredible job navigating these markets. We even had a trader pull more $14K out of the FX markets last week! Volatility is starting to drop, and the ability to adapt...

Posted by TopstepTrader on May 05, 2020

Shohan A. Pulled $14K Out Of The FX Markets Last Week!

Born and raised in New York City, Shohan is no stranger to life in the fast lane. After spending 5 years in the Marine Corps, he stumbled on the FX markets while spending some time in Orange...