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Posted by TopstepTrader on May 20, 2020

Trading Around Price Limits - The Coach's Playbook

John Wiley & Sons has a fairly comprehensive digital library of trading publications, including the histories and breakdowns of a lot of rules and regulations. In a research article on commodity...

Posted by TopstepTrader on May 13, 2020

Common Day Trading Mistakes - The Coach’s Playbook

We all make mistakes. It’s OK, it happens. Solid blunders are a part of life and they help us learn and grow. And it’s true, most problems have a solution. If it’s not staring you right in the...

Posted by TopstepTrader on May 06, 2020

Topstep Paid Out $240K In April! - The Coach’s Playbook

Topstep traders are doing an incredible job navigating these markets. We even had a trader pull more $14K out of the FX markets last week! Volatility is starting to drop, and the ability to adapt...

Posted by TopstepTrader on April 28, 2020

How To Safely Navigate Changes In Volatility - The Coach’s Playbook

Topstep traders took full advantage of the historic volatility the last few months. Year to date we’ve funded more than 1400 traders, which is more than we did in all of 2019! It’s not slowing...

Posted by TopstepTrader on April 22, 2020

Crude Oil Goes Negative - The Coach’s Playbook

Can you really get paid to take delivery on a crude oil contract? Yeah, you actually can, but what are you going to do with it? A single crude oil futures contract is the equivalent of 1,000...

Posted by TopstepTrader on April 14, 2020

You Can't Win If You Don't Play - The Coach’s Playbook

Our Traders Are Cashing In BIG TIME!

We know that people want to be involved in the markets right now because we’re funding more accounts than ever. In March alone we provided trading capital to...

Posted by TopstepTrader on April 07, 2020

Let's Talk About the Vix - The Coach’s Playbook

For some traders, volatility means uncertainty, while for others, it means opportunity. Neither side is wrong, in fact, they can both be right. The main difference is, when it comes time to act,...

Posted by TopstepTrader on March 31, 2020

Day Trading vs. Investing - The Coach’s Playbook

Even though we’re surrounded by uncertainty, you can't deny that there’s a lot of opportunity in the markets right now. These are the times that both day traders and investors live for. This...

Posted by TopstepTrader on March 10, 2020

Markets Continue To Show Fear and Volatility! - The Coach's Playbook

It’s still pretty wild in the markets right now, and there’s no telling how much longer it can last. If you’re a believer that the market will do whatever screws the most people, then there’s...

Posted by TopstepTrader on March 03, 2020

Super Tuesday Surprise!

The Timing Is Suspect

Coming off the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s largest single day points gain in history, the U.S. federal reserve came out swinging Tuesday morning with a surprise 50 basis...

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