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Winning Trade Size Must Beat Losing Size: New Funded Trader, Robert (St. John, Indiana)

Posted by TopstepTrader on August 23, 2017


Trading Lessons from Robert's Success:

Watch your average winning trade vs average losing trade: On the TopstepTrader Dashboard, we provide a lot of valuable information, including the average size of winning trades vs. losing trades. Robert stayed on the right side of that equation, even though he only had a winning trade 46.89% of the time. His average winning trade was $155.01 versus an average losing trade of $116.52. That allowed him to still be profitable on 64% of days.

Don’t make it harder than it has to be: Robert’s average daily P&L during his Funded Trader Preparation was $382.49, yet the intraday swings were much, much higher. He gained as much as $5,846.44 in a day - and lost as much as $2,765.60, just enough to keep him inside the daily loss limit for the $150,000 account.

Know which products you trade well: Robert was particularly challenged by trading in the Ultrabond ($UB), which caused him to have some of his largest losses. It was trading the Ultrabond that caused Robert to lose $1,740.95 and $2,557.07 on two separate trading days. Conversely, he more than made up for those losses in Crude Oil, with days where he made $4,657.72 and $5,713.68. 

Robert was successful in his $150K Trading Combine and Funded Trader Preparation, but many of the lessons from his Funded Trader Preparation point to ways traders make trading more challenging than they have to.

Robert was able to meet the profit target, but with huge swings. That must’ve made it challenging to keep his emotions in check and focus on the long-term goal.

In addition, one of those large drawdowns came at the start of his trading. In his second day, he lost $2,317.93. In fact, at one point early in Funded Trader Preparation, his account was -$3,503.44, just $1,000 away from his max drawdown.

But Robert battled back and put on those great Crude Oil trades to allow his gains to compound. Overall, he was very resilient and kept control of those statistics that matter most - his total profitability and average losing trade vs. average winning trade.

Great work Robert! We’re looking forward to what you can do in a Funded Account!

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