How to Improve Your Trading Around the Holidays - Coach's Playbook

Posted by TopstepTrader on November 29, 2017

Right now, we are still experiencing great markets - lots of movement, liquidity is high and all the participants seem to be staying engaged. 

But... the good times may not last all month. And you don't really want it to. For many of us, trading is a 24-hour a day obsession. The first thing we do in the morning is check the markets. The last thing we do before bed is brush our teeth. But the thing we do right before that is check the markets. 

In this week's Coach's Playbook, our coaches talk about ways to enjoy the holidays, stick to a good work / life balance, and stay engaged with markets - without feeling the need to do anything that would risk our gains. Please give it a watch and let us know any feedback in the comments. 

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