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Trade Better Now: Your Weekend Curriculum

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Regardless of how things turned out last week, next week is a mystery. What are you doing this weekend to get better at trading?

Luckily, TopstepTrader has you covered. Here are three resources that will make a huge impact on your trading next week, but take less than an hour to check out. 

“A peak performance trader is totally committed to being the best and doing whatever it takes to be the best." — Dr. Van K. Tharp

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1. How to Identify a Trend-Line Breakout

 In this week's episode of The Trade, Coaches Dan Hodgman and John Hoagland demonstrate a couple trend lines from the recent E-Mini S&P 500 ($ES) breakout from a descending triangle (on a daily chart). 

The coaches talk about why this breakout, in particular, was so unique given that breakouts from descending triangles typically resolve to the downside. In addition, Hoag talks about timeframes and why there may not have been volume confirmation of the breakout in the S&P this time. 

Run-time of 8 minutes. 



2. The Most Important Metric in Trading

The reason we all trade is to make profits. But that doesn't make your P&L the most important metric for you to look at or worry about. In fact, focusing on P&L may be the worst thing for your P&L.

Instead, the most important metric in trading is your risk-to-reward ratio. Having a consistent and favorable risk-to-reward ratio can help your trading account weather the ups and downs of when your strategy goes in and out of favor.  Here's how. 

Read time: 4 minutes.

3. Making a Career in Trading — Futures Radio Show

Anthony Crudele and John Hoagland are long-time traders. They have had huge winning days — and huge losing streaks. They know the highs and lows of trading. In this interview, Anthony talks with Hoag about lessons they've learned over decades in the business and how Hoag helps traders improve their performance. 

Listen time: 32 minutes.

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Posted by TopstepTrader on June 02, 2018
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