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[BREAKING] Two Rules Eliminated

Posted by TopstepTrader on January 10, 2017

Starting Thursday, January 12, 2017, the following rules are no longer required in Funded Trader Preparation™ and Funded Accounts™:

1. Only trade the Trading Combine­®/Funded Trader Preparation products you were profitable in

2. Maintain an Account Balance greater than $0 after a minimum of 10 trading days

Over the years, these rules have allowed many traders to fine-tune their strategies while building their accounts and, although we are providing more autonomy in accounts, we encourage traders to continue to set their own individual guidelines.

However, as we grow, we want to open our parameters to grant us the ability to evaluate as many strategies as possible to further our mission of empowering anyone, anywhere. In order to allow this and still evaluate based on true performance, Funded Trader Preparation will now have the same profit targets as the Trading Combine.


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