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Funded FX Trader Shavar H. Talks Trading Combine Strategy

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This week, we caught up with newly-funded TopstepFX trader Shavar H. to talk about his trading journey, how he develops strategies, and why he decided to trade forex in the first place. He reminds us that trading is about more than just money, it's about learning and acquiring a skill that can open all sorts of opportunities down the road.

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Why Topstep?

Shavar has been trading for about five years, and decided to give Topstep a try after hearing about us on social media. He likes the discipline that the program instills on its traders and enjoys the sense of community that it fosters online. 

What do you look for in your setups? 

Shavar likes to start his analysis by looking at monthly charts and getting a good feel for the markets from the top-down. He then takes a more granular view, zooming in on tighter time-frames to choose his entry points.

He likes to keep his stop losses tight and not force trades if he misses the initial move. Shavar is of the opinion that over-trading is huge pitfall among retail traders. 

What is your reason for getting into trading?

Shavar wisely says that his love of trading is, "not even really about the money that much." 

Instead, he sees trading as a skill to be learned, and a way to help his family. Shavar realizes that if you only view things in terms of dollars and cents, you will never be able to thrive in this industry. 

What is your advice for new traders?

According to Shavar, somebody who is just getting started should take their time and focus on learning before jumping directly into something like the Trading Combine. So much of trading is in the preparation — there's no need to rush. The markets will almost certainly be there tomorrow. 

As for the people who are currently in the Trading Combine, Shavar explains that if you don't have a clear set up, you probably should not be trading. Bad trades are bound to happen when you try to force things to happen. 

If you enjoyed hearing Shavar's thoughts, subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest interviews with TopstepTrader users. And if what you saw here intrigued you, find out more about how to get your own Funded Account with us.

Posted by TopstepFX on August 29, 2019
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