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Funded Trader Johnny P. on How Practice Makes Perfect

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We're always happy to showcase the stories of our funded traders. Today, Johnny P. from Canada outlines his approach to trading, and explains what drives him to continue getting better day after day. He believes that you need to maintain a passion for the markets and keep practicing, even when you fall short of your goals.   

Why did you choose TopstepFX?

Johnny's reason for joining TopstepFX was pretty straightforward—the 80%-20% profit split in the Funded Account. 

However, beyond the financial implications (which are certainly important), he appreciated the value of the program's rule structure. In his mind, strict rules represented a benefit, not an obstacle. Internal discipline takes years to cultivate—sometimes it helps to have an external risk manager to enforce good trading habits.

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How do you manage your risk?

Johnny notes that you can't be profitable if you throw away a whole month of hard work on a single bad trade. Managing your losses is crucial to long-term success. 

Every rule in the Trading Combine relates to sound risk management practices—Johnny credits these guidelines with helping him stay on track in his account. 

What do you look for in your trades?

Johnny offers some simple advice: let your winning trades run. 

Now, of course this sounds easy, but anyone who trades knows how hard it can be to hold a position that is way in the green (or give up on a position that's way in the red). You need to have conviction in your entries and not bail out too early. 

"Let's say you have a great position. You've been working on that position—you look at it—the setup is perfect. When you find that setup you have to keep it. You can't go looking for a quick profit," Johnny said.

What will you do with your money?

Johnny plans to use his money to keep trading and have some fun with the kids. He notes that his kids love investing and markets as well. 

Nothing wrong with that. 

Why do you trade?

He loves the challenge of taking one dollar and turning it into two dollars. It's this magic that keeps Johnny coming back to the markets. 

Even though he's been trading for several years now, Johnny notes that the passion still remains. 

"I love it. It's a challenge," Johnny said. "I'm going to keep trading again and again, it's not like I'm playing in the casino. This is a challenge. This is art. You have to know what your doing. When you know what you're doing you can play the bank all the time." 

What advice do you have for other traders?

Johnny offers two great pieces of advice for aspiring traders:

1. Get the right education.

2. Get ready to work hard.

At Topstep, we can help you with the learning, but only you can put in the hours it takes to become a successful trader. 

"Practice. Practice. Practice. There's nothing more than that," explains Johnny. "If you fell. Get up. Keep on going. You have to keep going because everyone can learn how to trade."

If you enjoyed hearing Johnny's thoughts, subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest interviews with Topstep users. And if what you saw here intrigued you, find out more about how to get your own Funded Account with us.

Posted by TopstepFX on December 06, 2019
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