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What is the Next Opportunity in the Crude Oil Market?

Posted by TopstepTrader on July 12, 2018

After yesterday, Crude Oil futures are seeing red. The commodity fell 5% after inventory numbers. 

But a move of that size could have been expected. There is just so much going on: supply concerns coming out of Venezuela and Canada; political pressures from President Trump's Twitter account; extreme backwardation in the Crude Oil curve where front-month prices are more expensive than future prices; and, before yesterday, a $10 rally in the past month. 

In this special episode of Limit Up!, futures trader Tracy Shuchart talks with host Eddie Horn about what's going on and what she is looking at to drive moves in the coming trading sessions. 

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Inside the Life of a Full-Time Oil Trader - Limit Up! with Tracy Shuchart

Posted by TopstepTrader on December 13, 2017

If you have a goal of trading full time - or just trading more, then this episode of our podcast Limit Up! is a must listen. This week, we dig into the daily routine of Tracy Shuchart, a Crude Oil ($CL) trader. We talk about how she got into the business, what charts she looks at, and the interplay between technicals and fundamentals.

Tracy talks about how much work she does on a daily basis, both before the open and after the close. She also discusses why she has multiple plans when she enters a trade - to try to capture all contingencies. 

Give it a listen - and be sure to subscribe and leave us a review on iTunes or Google Play. 

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Topics: Trading Basics, Limit Up!, Tracy Shuchart

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