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Posted by TopstepTrader on September 08, 2019

New Season, New Trade: Topstep Moment of the Week

In this Topstep Moment of the Week, Anthony Crudele and Dan Hodgman discuss trading around Holidays and how these events can serve as inflection points for the markets. With Labor Day in the...

Posted by TopstepTrader on August 21, 2019

Funded Trader Vladimir M. Makes $5,340 on Single Oil Trade

In this Topstep Moment of the Week, Anthony Crudele and Dan Hodgman take a look at a big-money Oil trade from Topstep funded trader Vladimir M. over in Dubai. In these volatile markets, Dan...

Posted by TopstepTrader on July 30, 2019

Trade Settlements Like a Pro: Topstep Moment of the Week

Topstep performance coach Dan Hodgman made his triumphant return to the Trading Futures with Anthony Curdele show last week to discuss his old friend, the 30-year Treasury Bond future. Diving into...

Posted by TopstepTrader on July 20, 2019

Learn How to 'Win' Even When You Lose: Topstep Moment of the Week

 One of the themes we're highlighting this month at Topstep is discipline. And sometimes being disciplined means knowing when to take your lumps and get out of a trade that just isn't working. In...

Posted by TopstepTrader on June 28, 2019

[*NEW*] “Topstep Moment of the Week!” watch now on YouTube!

Welcome to the first edition of the "Topstep Moment of the Week", a new recurring segment featured on the "Trading Futures with Anthony Crudele" YouTube show. This week, Topstep performance coach...

Posted by TopstepTrader on February 20, 2018

This is How You Become Consistently Profitable

Being consistenly profitable should be the goal of every trader. It's not about turning a $10,000 account into $1 million as quickly as possible. It's possible, but that will be the same mentality...

Posted by TopstepTrader on February 16, 2018

What These Traders Wish They Knew Before They Lost Huge

Great traders and not-so-great traders likely have one thing in common: they’ve all lost a lot of money trading. Trading is a tough business. And between finding a strategy and keeping our mental...

Posted by TopstepTrader on January 25, 2018

The Steps to Go From a Losing to a Winning Trader

If you don't relate to Anthony Crudele's story, you haven't been trading long enough. Anthony knows what it is like to blow up a trading account. He lost three $25,000 accounts when he first...

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