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How can the Trading Combine Help You Become Consistently Profitable

Posted by TopstepTrader on May 04, 2018


Why is the Trading Combine® important? And how can it help your trading?

You may know that the Trading Combine started when Michael Patak lost $90,000 in three separate trading accounts. It was only after he put rules around his trading and learned to execute a strategy in a simulated trading environment that he became successful. 

Those rules became the basics of the Trading Combine. In this week's Coach's Playbook, the coaches talk about why the Trading Combine is important to develop consistently profitable traders and how it can help your trading

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This week's Coach's Playbook talks about the Trading Combine and how it can benefit your trading. Here's what the coaches cover:

  • Why is the Trading Combine important? A conversation about risk management, discipline and learning
  • How you can learn with minimal risk and put together a process to succeed
  • Why the two steps of the Trading Combine test different skills: ability to profit in changing markets, demonstrate patience and work on emotional management

The run-time is 12:36. Enjoy.


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