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8 Days, $10K in Profits for a Funded Futures Trader

Posted by TopstepTrader on July 09, 2018


If you've been following TopstepTrader on social media, you've probably seen the name Mykhailio C., one of our funded futures traders from Ukraine. That's because in his first month trading in a Funded Account®, Mykhailio absolutely crushed it.

Trading Crude Oil ($CL) exclusively, Mykhailio averages nearly $550 in profits each day he trades — winning and losing days included. If he maintained that pace, it equates to more than $125,000 in annual trading gains. 

He is profitable on 71% of his winning days. Some of those winning days, as Coach Dan describes in this episode of The Trade, include days where just 20% of his trades were profitable. But that's what's possible with a favorable risk management setup. And that's how you can build an 8-day winning streak into $10,000 in realized profits. 

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And Mykhailio also put together some monster winning days, including 11 four-figure profit days and one day where he gained $8,000. He does not have a problem with letting his winning trades or days run.

But though his account is trending in the right direction, Mykhailio has some things that he could work on. He is prone to large losing days, having lost more than $2,000 on five separate days in his first month. In fact, even with $8,000 gained in one day, his average winning day is $1,693.57, compared with an average losing day of $2,230.96. What has kept his account balance moving from bottom left to upper right though is the fact that his winning day percentage is so high. 

In the latest episode of The Trade, Coach Dan breaks down Mykhailio's performance, focusing on an 8-day winning streak that netted him $10,000 in profits. 

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