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Limit Up! Podcast Risk Management trading strategy Swing Trading Tim Racette

The Benefits of Swing Trading Amidst Volatility with Tim Racette

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Swing trading is a specialized type of trade that lets you profit off price changes over an extended period of time. In the midst of extreme market fluctuation, this is a great tool to add to your strategy toolbelt. Tim Racette joins us to offer guidance on swing trading and the importance of keeping a positive mindset.

“When we get into these very emotion-driven markets like this. You have to buy the rumor, sell the news.” – Tim Racette

Even when markets aren’t on a roller coaster ride, it’s good practice to rely on diversified tools as opposed to changing your strategy to fit market whims. Tim Racette, a trader with Eminimind, does both swing trading and day trading. This approach has allowed him to ride the waves while still making a profit.

Tim joined Jack and Dan for a discussion on the benefits of swing trading, why it’s crucial to keep a positive mindset, and why trading is a long game…not a get rich quick scheme. Listen to insights on different ways to manage the current volatility.

  • [00:15] - This week: Tim Racette
  • [01:38] - Market reaction
  • [07:54] - Interview with Tim Racette
    • [08:26] - How Tim started EminiMind
    • [09:51] - Ignore the floor
    • [11:12] - Design studies
    • [12:24] - Migrating between swing and day trading
    • [19:51] - Emotion-driven markets
    • [24:04] - Position size
    • [25:55] - Make trading work with your lifestyle
    • [29:55] - Reading order flow
    • [32:06] - The distilled philosophy of EminiMind
    • [38:17] - Pain is good
    • [42:19] - Accepting risk
    • [47:39] - What Tim loves most about trading
  • [50:23] - Topstep Quarantine Diaries

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Tim Racette is a trader and the founder of Eminimind.com. On Eminimind, Tim offers education and tips so that learners can become successful, full-time traders.

Limit Up! is a podcast for traders of all levels brought to you by TopstepTrader. Whether you’re considering a career in trading and don’t know where to start, or you’re a seasoned veteran looking for advice from big names in the financial industry, Limit Up! is your guide. Join us weekly as we discuss the market in all of its volatile glory.

Jack Pelzer is a co-host of Limit Up! He traded as part of a U.S. Treasury group for 7 years at Chopper Trading and DRW. After leaving the industry, he became a Writing Fellow and Senior Contributing Writer for The Onion. He is now the Head of Content at Topstep.

Dan Hodgman is a co-host of Limit Up! Prior to coming to Topstep Dan traded 30 Yr Treasury Options and Yield Spreads. Before that, he served in the United States Marine Corps where he simultaneously managed his own Futures Account applying the skills he grew up learning from clerking on the trading floor. Now Dan works with the Traders here at Topstep as a Performance Coach as well as being a regular on the Daily Market Recap.

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This podcast episode was produced by Dante32.


Posted by TopstepTrader on April 10, 2020
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