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Success Spotlight: Trendfollow [Kiev, Ukraine]

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After taking his sixth check, funded trader, trendfollow, has brought his withdrawal total up to $5,300!

How He Became Successful:

trendfollowTrendfollow has been trading for six years in the forex and futures markets. After gaining a better understanding of the markets, he transitioned trading from a hobby into a career. He currently uses algorithms in the forex market as well.

What's Next:

Trendfollow tells us that he learned the most from trading his own account and in the Trading Combine®. He says that while the Trading Combine is simulated, it forces you to trade smart because you have skin in the game. He states, “You have to pay for it. It’s like trading my own money, so it felt real to me.”

Success is defined as “learning from your mistakes” to trendfollow. He has learned from past mistakes, which he has adjusted for in his trading system. He vows never to take a trade unless his alerts tell him to, and only then! Trendfollow is still debating what to do with his cash, but is thinking of possibly opening up his own account.

Congratulations on your sixth check, trendfollow, your hard work has paid off yet again!

Start My Trading Combine

Posted by TopstepTrader on February 10, 2017
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