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Success Spotlight: sunlounger77 [Sofia, Bulgaria]

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Sunlounger77, a Bulgarian engineer and Crude Oil trader, has taken his second check in a month, just in time for his birthday! A celebration is in order for sunlounger77, who says he will go to his favorite club to spend some of his $1K+ earnings (along with pay a few bills). This trader has been in the financial markets since 2005, and has been active in the futures market since 2010.

How He Became Successful:

sunlounger77.jpgWhen sunlounger77 first began actively trading, he lost big. After much practice and education, he became profitable a year later and made enough money to cover his losses from his learning stage, plus some! Sunlounger77 admits that since 2012, the markets have changed and subsequently he has had to learn how to adapt. The growth he has made since then includes developing patience and discipline in his trading, which he now considers two of his greatest strengths.

What's Next:

“Quality, not quantity” is the trading motto sunlounger77 lives by as he works on his way to achieving his goal of making $50K in profits. He would ultimately like to make enough to live a very prosperous lifestyle.

Sunlounger77 is looking to work on his trading over the holiday season, and into the beginning of the new year. He is determined to repeat many times over what happened in 2011, when he earned $6K in just one day. His goal is to work on his strategy, and get back to this point in the next couple of months.

We look forward to your trading in the new year, sunlounger77, way to stay focused and disciplined to your strategy! 

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Posted by TopstepTrader on January 03, 2017
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