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Success Spotlight: Sssvenky [Bloomington, IL]

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Sssvenky has selfless plans for his latest withdrawal from his Funded Account®! He looks forward to putting the loot to good use by buying his daughter a gift.

How He Became Successful:

sssvenkyFor over 10 years, sssvenky has been trading in the stock, futures, and options markets. When he first began trading, Sssvenky learned from a variety of educators in the futures space. In his full-time position, as a project manager, sssvenky works in the healthcare field. 

What's Next:

After taking a check in his Funded Account, sssvenky plans to travel into the Windy City to buy his daughter a beautiful piece of jewelry - as great of a dad as he is a trader! 

Sssvenky is currently working on building a business around trading and is a swing/momentum trader. He tells us that his primary focus is risk management and capital preservation, which judging by his latest check, he has been doing a nice job at!

Sssvenky looks to start mentoring other traders by sharing tips and strategies that he has learned from his time at TopstepTrader. We could not ask for better traders, who share knowledge with others - and who believe in our mission of empowering anyone, anywhere to achieve the financial freedom to pursue their dreams!

Nice work earning this payout, sssvenky, you have earned it!

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Posted by TopstepTrader on February 10, 2017
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