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Success Spotlight: SebastianXP [Germany]

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SebastianXP_Profile.jpgSebastianXP worked tirelessly on his strategy, proved he could trade and manage risk, earned a Funded Account®, and went on to make thousands of dollars. This is the same progression as all of our success stories and the process never changes. We do have to admit though that we were pretty taken aback when, after only 16 days trading, SebastianXP called us asking to withdraw all of his profits of $4K from his Funded Account.

The German trader was on a roll, profiting hugely in the markets. Why would he want to stop now? 

Because he had accomplished his personal mission. 

What makes SebastianXP different from most of our success stories is not his journey, but his destination. SebastianXP never came to TopstepTrader wanting to make a million dollars, travel the world, retire early or any other of the usual drivers. Maybe those dreams are in his future, it would not surprise us one bit. But in true trader fashion, SebastianXP only wanted freedom, the freedom to trade for himself. 

Most of our funded traders are eager to remain trading with us, appreciating the 80/20% profit split, risk management, and leverage we provide. SebastianXP, however, always dreamt of trading his own account, building his own equity, and answering to no one.

Initially, he could not afford to fund a brokerage account on his own, so he decided to think strategically and leverage his trading talent to accomplish his dream. He came to TopstepTrader for the sole purpose of earning a Funded Account, building profit, and parlaying that into opening a brokerage account.

While SebastianXP will be missed as a funded trader at TopstepTrader, we are happy to have been an integral part in his success. Traders like SebastianXP are the reason we live by our mission to “empower anyone, anywhere to earn the financial freedom to pursue their dreams,” whatever the dreams may be. So when we have a trader withdraw his profits and close his account to go accomplish his, we could not be more excited.

Trade well SebastianXP, we wish you the best in your account. You are always welcome back at TopstepTrader.


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Posted by TopstepTrader on December 01, 2016
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