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Success Spotlight: DOLBYTIME [Chicago, Illinois]

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DOLBYTIME.jpgWhat is the fastest someone has been funded? Ask our trader, DOLBYTIME.

DOLBYTIME, a back waiter at a local Chicago restaurant, took $1,250 out of his last Funded Account® after meticulously and precisely trading the CL market. He is back again, and this time, after passing the Trading Combine® and Funded Trader Preparation® in just 20 trading days - the fastest time possible!  

DOLBYTIME is a 5 year TopstepTrader veteran who first started to gain interest in the financial markets through his father who was an active trader. His interests outside of trading include everything from soccer to the drums. In his current account, DOLBYTIME looks to minimize his weaknesses of downside risk control, and capitalize on his strengths of entries and execution.

This successful trader wasted no time putting his last check to good use by buying new computer equipment for his trading business. Way to reinvest in yourself DOLBYTIME, now put that equipment to good use in your Funded Account.

DOLBYTIME tells us that he is eager to take more withdrawals, and keep his account profitable. He looks forward to expanding his affiliate partnership with TopstepTrader, and growing his viewership on his Twitch stream, where he will be live streaming all of his trades in his $50K Funded Account! Nice work DOLBYTIME, enjoy the computer, you have earned it - and do not forget to give us a live shout out on your stream!

Join us as DOLBYTIME speaks to our Squawk Radio community about his time in the TopstepTrader program, on Thursday, December 8 at 10:15 AM CT.

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Posted by TopstepTrader on December 07, 2016
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