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Success Spotlight: BIGtrading [Rahden, Germany]

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What does the "BIG" in funded trader BIGtrading’s name stand for, you may ask? “Be In Growth!” BIGtrading is always looking to improve her trading. She became interested in the markets because of her “dream to work from home and the freedom to choose when to work and when not [to].” She was also attracted to the “unlimited potential to make money. By learning, improving and growing the account over the years more and more is possible.”

How She Became Successful:

BIGTradingBIGtrading has tried many different indicators, ebooks, and webinars, but notes that there is no substitute for screen time. As she says “screen time equals green time.” She is constantly looking to learn and improve her trading to become extremely consistent.

Before jumping in the markets, BIGtrading follows a very precise routine. First, she analyzes the charts from the weekly down to the 15 or 5-minute timeframes. Only after this does she make her trading decisions. She is sure to remain extremely analytical and disciplined throughout the trading day. BIGtrading is working on her patience, as she notes that “a patient person in this business suprasses any warrior.”

What's Next:

BIGtrading looks forward to putting her withdrawal toward a new car for her family and eventually use money from trading to save money for a family vacation. Her next trading goal is to become consistently profitable in the next months and years to come so that she can pay herself on a weekly basis!

You sure are on your way there, BIGtrading! Keep up the screen time and the green time has proven itself to follow!

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Posted by TopstepTrader on February 09, 2017
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