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S&P Daily Pre-Market Prep 6/16/17

Posted by Peter Davies on June 16, 2017


Yesterday played out as expected we hit the minor support and turned up towards the top of the range we'd marked on the profile. Volume was good 1.8 million.


We've moved up to the topmost distribution and stalled for now. 
Yesterday day session did see us moving up but just within the range. The thing I got wrong about yesterday was saying I'd avoid the early trade and an absolute beauty set up....

- looking for a roll anywhere from here 2436-38.25, above that looking for the top of the week to be tested.
- will be looking primarily for a run downside to be initiated
- only interested in longs above the weeks range
- will take the early trade if it sets up

Weekly Numbers
Range - 2416.25 -> 2443.25
Value - 2419.25 -> 2434.75

Daily Numbers
Range - 2416.25 -> 2432 / 2435.50
Value - 2422.50 -> 2430.50
Globex 2429.75 -> 2436.75

Settlement – 2436.25



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