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Gold Takes a Tumble: Thursday's Market Forecast

Posted by TopstepTrader on September 21, 2017

Gold futures ($GCZ7) are the big mover this morning, with sharp declines since the Federal Reserve's statement yesterday indicated that the central bank would continue on its same path of tightening. That posturing has Gold down $23 - a 1.75% move. Even steeper declines were seen across some of the metals products. Silver ($SIZ7), for example, has shed more than 2.3%. 

Crude Oil ($CLX7) is also moving lower this morning, falling $0.35 - or 0.6%. Amidst all this, the Emini S&P 500 ($ESZ7) is flat and within a few points of its all-time high. There seems to be nothing that can derail the bullish equities train at this point.

Senior Performance Coach John Hoagland covers all of these markets, as well as important trading levels and potential entry points, in today's market forecast. Check it out.

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