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[VIDEO] Not All That Glitters Is Gold - The Coach's Playbook

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Headline risk is back on. So, do you know the difference between good news and bad news? How do you separate it? We spend countless hours sifting through all kinds of data; chart patterns, news headlines, trader sentiment, and technical indicators, etc...; trying to make sense of what we see in the markets. But, what does it matter if we don’t understand what we’re looking for?


Here’s What Our Coach’s Have To Say 


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Trader Shout Outs

Topstep Funded Trader Raymond H. is making it rain trading micro e-mini Nasdaq futures. Big swings make for big wins; nice job Raymond! 

Technicals vs Fundamentals

In some markets, fundamentals are much more relevant than technical indicators. Gold is typically more of a fundamentally driven market, and what we're seeing right now is what happens when both technicals and fundamentals become significant market movers.

Whatever your reasons are for trading metals, make it a point to be aware of all the other markets and outside factors that influence them.

Stay safe and trade well!


Posted by TopstepTrader on August 12, 2020
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