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Trading Basics Limit Up! Podcast Todd Horwitz

The Secrets to Price and Volume - Limit Up! with Todd Horwitz

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Todd Horwitz got his start trading in the pits 38 years ago. In the midst of that madness, he was able to develop a way of reading the energy of the crowd, finding success. In electronic trading today, that energy translates to paying close attention to price and volume - and ignoring everything else. 

In this conversation with Eddie Horn on our podcast, Limit Up!, Todd talks about the secrets to his trading success: price and volume. But Todd also outlines the great trading mechanics that have helped him stay risk focused. For example, he shared a story of when he kept moving a stop one or two ticks away (hoping the price rebounded) and ended up taking a $2,200 loss. He keeps that chart right next to his desk so he never forgets again.

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Posted by TopstepTrader on December 28, 2017
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