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Biology Set You Up to Fail at Trading

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You love trading. And you may think you were born to do this. You weren't. No one was.

In fact, everything about our biology is working against our success. Think about it. What are the traits of a successful trader. A successful trader is cool under pressure. She's disciplined, not fearful. She's focused on long-term growth, not short-term excitement. 

And that's not us. Our brains and biology are hard wired after tens of thousands of years as hunter / gatherers. But that doesn't mean that we can't learn a new mindset. That's what today's lesson is about — awareness and understanding of our trader's mind, so that we can better succeed at trading. 

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In this interview, we talk with trading psychologist Rande Howell about:

  • Why your biology is working against your successful trading; 
  • His definition of discipline — maintaining order under pressure; 
  • Why and how traders should focus on performance, not outcome; and
  • Why trading is a profession and will take time. 

Give it a listen below. Limit Up! is also available on iTunesGoogle Play or SoundCloud, where you can subscribe to get fresh episodes each week delivered to your inbox. 

Posted by TopstepTrader on September 09, 2018
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