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This is the Worst Thing You can do while Trading in Heightened Volatility

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This is an incredible trading environment. Yesterday's moves in U.S. equity, interest rate and forex markets offered tremendous opportunities. This is a time when traders have to adjust their strategy, says Peter Davies of Jigsaw Trading. 

Peter recently sat down with Topstep's Eddie Horn to talk about how to trade volatility — from someone who has been involved in markets from before the 1999 tech boom and bust. Peter offers tactical advice for traders, including what the absolute worst adjustment you can make in heightened volatility is and how you can improve your performance each and every day. 

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In this conversation, Peter outlines:

  • Why many traders fail to change their strategy when the market fundamentally changes;
  • The worst trading adjustment to make in heightened volatility;
  • How to wait for market confirmation before making a trade; and
  • How to tactically improve your trading each and every day (e.g., videoing and reviewing your trades).

Give it a listen below. Limit Up! is also available on iTunesGoogle Play or SoundCloud, where you can subscribe to get fresh episodes each week delivered to your inbox. 

Posted by TopstepTrader on December 05, 2018
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