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This is the Time to Crush It! Here's How

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Great traders make entire years' worth of profits during markets like these. The recent volatility is something that many traders have been hoping for. Now that it's here, it's time to capitalize.

If this volatility continues, there is a very real possibility that you will have your best trading day ever in the coming days. But if you don't trade in a risk-minded or disciplined way, then these markets may also be  the death of you.

Today, our coaches are joined by TopstepTrader founder and CVO, Michael Patak, to talk about how you can take advantage of what the market is giving you. They talk about what they've experienced when trading volatile markets and how they've learned to capitalize on what the market gives them. Pull out a pad of paper, you'll want to write some of this down.

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Posted by TopstepTrader on February 08, 2018
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