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Trade Better: How to Adjust to Volatility and Avoid Frustration

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Trading can be frustrating. Perhaps never more so than when you think you are seeing the market clearly and yet, you can't seem to take advantage. 

That was the topic of a post on Topstep's private Facebook community, where Lee A. said:

"I'm again having the comical problem of being 100% correct in directional moves, yet getting stopped out or filling entries that go nowhere. And just found myself upside down once again today and had to cut a trade at a big loss. Can anyone share some wisdom?"

The post hit a nerve within the community, particularly given the recent volatility that has some traders wondering how to adjust their styles in a new environment. So, Performance Coach Dan Hodgman and our Content Manager Mark Meadows got on Facebook Live to talk through their recommendations for adjustments traders should make to continue to make money trading futures. Enjoy. 

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  1. Why traders need to look at support and resistance levels as bands — and, therefore, may need to widen stops
  2. Why traders should have rules around how many losing trades they will enter before calling it quits for the trading day
  3. How to stop yourself from getting frustrated with your trading


Posted by TopstepTrader on November 04, 2018
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