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Funded Trader: timmy1975 [Westergate, England]

Posted by TopstepTrader on March 29, 2017

Funded Trader timmy1975

Timmy1975 has been learning how to trade since November, 2015. He spent 3 months with a professional firm in London which taught him how to trade news as well as understand economics. This is also where he was taught good trading strategies. Timmy1975 mainly trades breakouts of good support and resistance levels from the 60 minute timechart. 

Timmy1975 believes his success is an outcome of being very disciplined in his trading. He sets a routine that he follows everyday. If he every starts to feel emotional, he walks away. Timmy1975 also stops trading after 3 losses. These are his rules that he has established for himself, and he sticks to these rules well. As for his goals, timmy1975 hopes to earn a basic living from trading to pay the bills. In the future, he aims to earn enough from trading to buy a bigger house, a new car, and spend time with family on vacation.


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