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Funded Trader: Rosewood [Westford, Massachusetts]

Posted by TopstepTrader on April 05, 2017

Funded Trader Rosewood

Rosewood lives by the saying, "You will be thankful tomorrow for doing the right thing today." He started as a curious teenager checking stocks in the back of the newspaper. He then transitioned into retail forex when the doors opened in the early 2000's. After blowing up his first few accounts, he moved into prop trading equities before the 2008 crash. In 2012, Rosewood stumbled upon TopstepTrader® and entered his first Trading Combine®.

Rosewood focuses on 3 price action setups: breakout, reversal, and pullbacks. Only in areas where the market will hopefully blow through stops and accelerate will Rosebud use breakout. He uses divergence and relative volume divergence signals generated with market geometry structure. He also likes to see a climax bar or speed, and/or shifting delta. His short term goal is to cash a check with a comma from TopstepTrader®. Long term, he is hoping for two commas on the check.


Check out his successful Trading Combine®:

Rosewood's Trading Combine

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