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From Huge Drawdown to Big Withdrawals: a Funded Trader Shares His Secrets

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Four days into his Funded Account®, Nick S. in Texas found himself 51% to his total Account Loss Limit. That's right, his $5,000 balance fell to a closing low of $3,307 — putting him just $1,600 from losing his account. But instead of spiraling deeper and deeper and taking larger risks, Nick says that he was hit with the realization: "This is real money." 

Indeed it was, and Nick finally got back to the strategy that helped him pass the Trading Combine® and earn live trading capital in the first place. That led him on a path to $6,700 in withdrawals over the next two months. 

Here's how Nick did it. 

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Though it took Nick four trading days to lose $1,700, it took him just one trading day to make back all his prior losses and go back into the green. That's thanks to a $1,700+ gain in a EUR/NZD short. 

But besides that one trade, something changed in Nick's mentality. In this interview, he talks about:

  1. Why trading psychology has been a difficult thing to master;
  2. How he learned to let his trades play out and why that is a secret to his success;
  3. Where TopstepFX has helped his trading develop and what he's still working on; and
  4. How he hopes TopstepFX will get him to a place where he's not day trading, but instead fulfilling a larger calling.


Would you like to follow Nick to a TopstepFX Funded Account? Check out TopstepFX today and get started!

Posted by TopstepFX on April 09, 2019
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