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Four Ways to Improve Your Trading - Trader Behavior

Becoming a trader is more than just entering and exiting a position. You have to think about each trade and day with the midset of an entrepreneur. That means four things.

First, traders must have a growth mindset - what is it that you can learn today. Second, there is the grit and perseverence that comes from thinking creatively about what you do and the challenges that arise. Third, expand your community. Finally, it's important to know the consequences - which can be both positive and negative. Basically, what is the result of the choices that we are making?

The biggest goal though, as TopstepTrader's CEO Jay Rudman says, is progression. Always be moving forward. There is no destination - only the journey. 

In this week's Trader Behavior, Jay joins Senior Performance Coach John Hoagland to talk about the overlaps between Jay's background in entrepreneurship and Hoag's trading background. 

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Posted by TopstepTrader on November 20, 2017

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