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Want to Improve Your Trading? Don’t Let Losses Bring You Down

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Does losing money sting at first? Of course it does. But for aspiring traders, it’s necessary to become successful. That’s the lesson that San Diego-based trader Rod R. learned after joining TopstepFX.For Rod, using TopstepFX taught him to become comfortable with the ups and downs of trading. He also learned that the successes of other traders weren’t necessarily going to work for him. Thankfully, using TopstepFX allowed him to try different trading methods to figure out what style is best for him.

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Getting good at trading, Rod says, took discipline and practice. Over time, he realized that maintaining a positive attitude and accepting losses as part of his process would allow him to minimize risk and maximize profits in the long run. 

After trading on TopstepFX, he no longer sweats the losses. Now, Rod is working toward earning full-time income from trading. He knows it’ll take time to reach that goal, but he’s still committed enough to go for it.

Want to hear Rod’s experience? Watch him tell his story in his own words below:


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Posted by TopstepFX on July 05, 2019
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