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Week 2: Getting in the Groove - Performance Coaches' Trading Combine

Posted by TopstepTrader on September 16, 2017

The Performance Coaches ended their second week  in the groove - gaining $451.74 in their $50K Trading Combine®. After a drawdown in week one, the Coaches rebounded nicely to move closer to breakeven on the account. They are now down $345.20 - basically the equivalent of one good trade.

In this week's video recap, the Coaches talk about their strategy, how they were able to not panic and where they see their trading going in upcoming days. 

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For today, the Coaches had a couple orders in that did not get filled - so they didn't trade. But if they've said it once, they've said it 1,000 times - if you have profits for the week on Friday, don't surrender them. And this week, the Performance Coaches were up $451.74. 

Total performance for the day, including fees and commissions: -$0. Balance is still $49,654.80. For more, check out their Trading Combine dashboard below.

Day 8.jpg

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