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1/6th Towards the Profit Target: Performance Coaches' Trading Combine

Posted by TopstepTrader on October 25, 2017

The Performance Coaches are on a six-day winning streak - having made $1,078.48 in their Trading Combine® during this stretch. Today, they gained $228.96 on three trades, just one of which added money to their account. That $350 gain out of the gate more than offset two losing trades that gave back $110. 

Here's what they did today that set them up for success.

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After a successful Emini S&P ($ESZ7) trade yesterday, the Coaches returned to the product that has been bringing them the most success recently - Crude Oil ($CLZ7). They shorted Crude in the morning at $52.37 - with a 10-cent stop. The price was seemingly in the money from the start, falling to below the $52 figure before rebounding. The Coaches jumped out at $52.02, and actually missed a bid they put in at $51.85. 

It seems like everyone else was bidding up the price as well - with Crude rallying sharply from there. Then, with prices where their original short was, the Coaches thought there may be continued resistance and shorted Crude again - this time at $52.39. That was quickly stopped out when prices rallied to highs. A third attempt at a short was timed out at 3 PM CT for a $10 loss. 

If you want to follow the Coaches' trades on Twitter (@topsteptrader), you can use #CoachesCombine. Here's how we reported them today. 

As a reminder, trades are not recommendations and we do delay the Twitter feed by 15 minutes.

Total performance for the day, including fees and commissions: $228.96Balance is $50,467.33. For more, check out their Trading Combine dashboard below.

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