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Time to Get Even More Choosy: Performance Coaches' Trading Combine

Posted by TopstepTrader on October 04, 2017

The Performance Coaches took a $143.68 hit in their Trading Combine® today - pushing their balance to the lowest that it's been in the month they've been trading. Today's hit came with a $143.68 loss in Crude Oil - a long bought on a test of $50 that was stopped out when Crude broke below. 

Tomorrow, Coach Danny is trading solo - so we'll probably see some more activity in the U.S. Treasury Bond. 

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Here's how we reported the trades on Twitter (@topsteptrader) using #CoachesCombine:

Total performance for the day, including fees and commissions: -$143.68. Balance is $48,640.30. For more, check out their Trading Combine dashboard below.

Combine Day 22.jpg

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