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How to Make 6:1 Reward/Risk Pay Off for $550: Performance Coaches' Trading Combine

Posted by TopstepTrader on September 25, 2017

Our Performance Coaches have been battling against a tough market for three weeks. After seeing a drawdown of $1,250, the Coaches have come back with two solid days of trading to recoup roughly $750 of those losses. 

Today, the big winner was a Crude Oil ($CLX7) trade that netted them $550 vs. a stop that was $90 away. Here's how they identified that monster trade. 

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If you follow Hoag's morning market forecast (and you should - it's on Facebook Live and reposted on our blog each day), you know that he looks at the opening range. So, in the one minute after Crude Oil opened at 8 AM CT, it moved $0.06 - between $51.18 and $51.13. Then, prices rallied to $51.30 before falling back below $51.20 around 8:30 AM CT. 

That's when the Performance Coaches initiated a buy at $51.19 with a tight stop that was below that opening range - at $51.10 - risking $90 on the trade. Their feeling was that the fact that prices were above last week's high (around $51.15) and in line with a shorter term trend higher, the risk-reward ratio was just right. 

And the market rewarded them with $546.32 in profits. Here's what that trade looked like in TSTrader, our commission-free trading platform. 

CLX7 Sept 25.jpg

Could they have stayed in the trade and made more? Sure. But in a drawdown, there's no reason to be greedy. They raked in a nice profit on the day and are happy to wait until tomorrow to see what opportunities may arise. 

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Total performance for the day, including fees and commissions: $546.32. Balance is $49,491.68. For more, check out their Trading Combine dashboard below.

Combine day 15-1.jpg

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