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10 Biggest Funded Trader Withdrawals of 2019: Part 2

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This year, Topstep funded traders took hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the markets without risking a dime of their own capital. As we wind down 2019, we though it might be inspiring to showcase a few of the biggest checks we wrote in the past 12 months. 

Today, we're counting down the top 3 biggest weekly withdrawals of 2019.  Starting with...

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#3. Matthew M. from Texas - $5,600

This November, our traders got off to a hot start, taking out over $20K in the first week alone. Matthew M. from Texas accounted for a hefty chunk of this total.

Matthew mostly stuck to trading the NQ futures en route to this impressive payday. As the Nasdaq currently sits at all-time highs, there should be plenty more opportunities in the tech index to come. 

#2. Brad M. from Chicago - $6,800

In part one of this post, we mentioned that Brad M. from Chicago might be making more than one appearance on this top-ten list. Well, as promised, Brad secured the second biggest weekly withdrawal of the year by taking out $6,800 in the second week of November. 

You can learn more more about Brad and his approach to trading futures in this short interview we conducted last year. 

Perhaps Brad will take a run at the #1 spot in 2020. However, for the time being, our Topstep 2019 weekly withdrawal champion is...

#1. Johnny P. from Canada - $7,850


The top spot on our list belongs to Johnny P. from Canada who worked some serious forex magic in August. Johnny has an undeniable passion for trading and is a firm believer that practice makes perfect. We were lucky enough to interview him last year about his process. You can check that out by clicking here

Congratulations again to all of our traders who made big withdrawals in 2019! Volatility is picking back up, and we hope that you all continue to take advantage of new opportunities in this brand new decade. 

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Posted by TopstepTrader on January 05, 2020
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